Veteran’s Affairs (VA)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides nursing home services to Veterans through three national programs: VA owned and operated Community Living Centers, State Veterans’ Homes owned and operated by the states, and the community nursing home program. Some Diversicare facilities are contracted and participate with the VA Community Nursing Home Program.

The purpose of this VA program is to meet the nursing home needs of Veterans who:

  • Require long-term nursing home care in their own community, close to their families, and who meet the enrollment and eligibility requirements.

Admission Criteria: The general criteria for nursing home placement requires that a resident must be medically stable, i.e. not acutely ill, have sufficient functional deficits to require inpatient nursing home care, and be determined by an appropriate medical provider to need institutional nursing home care. Furthermore, the Veteran must meet the specific eligibility criteria contract nursing home program.

The program will cover the costs of services for a specified time period for qualified veterans.